Simply Called

Posted: December 27, 2011 in Support

Undeniable fact: I have a passion for God

I am now answering a strong calling to a medium in which to express this clear passion for God. Since I have lived in Oregon ( 6 months now) I have been a volunteer for an organization called Bridgetown Inc. This organization has transformed my thoughts, actions, the way I treat others, and frankly, my life. There was no clear verbal communication from God, no bible verse that stuck out, no special revelation that led me to this family of believers. Nope… It was just our friends that suggested that we try something new while we were in Portland in February.

Funny how God uses something simple, like a Thursday night entertainment suggestion to completely revolutionize your entire life.

Simply called out of millions of humans to be right here, right now showing the love of God through my relationships and interactions with others. Simply called to surrender my life to that of service to others. Simply called to change my entire outlook on what it means to be human. To be loved. To be one child among many of the one true God. Simply called.

I started this blog to tell you a few things. As of right now I am partnering with Bridgetown to help in any way possible (I will define the position better in future posts), to further the ministry that has been started by this awesome team of people. As I go through this process I want to document what God is doing through this organization and how he is using me.

My family has made a decision to follow this passion completely and raise my own funding (like a missionary) to be able to minister to Portland as well as our other involvements nationwide and worldwide. I am trusting that I can raise enough consistent funds from my family, friends, businesses and churches that I can be fully supported in this ministry. I need a commitment from 64 people to contribute $25 a month for a year!! 100% goes to supporting me.

It is not my desire to “break the bank” for many struggling families out there. I am simply asking that instead of ordering that pizza one week out of the month have Digiorno and donate the rest to supporting me as I feed hundreds every week πŸ™‚ An account will be set up under Bridgetown in my name. Bridgetown is a legitimate 501c3 (Non-profit) that will provide all of the necessary tax documents for write off purposes for your taxes. If you, your business, or your church would like to help support me, Please contact me at, or call 505-203-1242. Also if you know of anyone or another organization that would consider supporting me, feel free to pass this blog post on to them.

I will continue to update this blog and include you in what is happening and how God is using me in this ministry. Thank you in advance and God bless you.

Zach Clark

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